Cine Film

Frame by Frame Transfers of:
Std 8, Super 8 and 16mm Film to DVD or 720p or 1080p MOV Files

Camcorder Tapes

Video Tape Transfers:
Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, Beta, VHS, VHS-C to DVD or an MPG, MOV or DV Files

Image Transfers

Negatives, Photos and Slides of any size
transferred to hi-res JPG or TIF Files

Audio Cassettes, Reel to Reel tapes and Records

Personal recordings on Audio Cassettes, Reel to Reel tapes, Mini Audio tapes and Records transferred to CD, USB or other media

Can’t get to us?

Use our Treasure Chest service for posting your precious memories into us

Give neverforget TUSK a call or email us at either studio and we’ll talk you through the process of getting your film or photos into us so we can preserve those precious memories.

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